Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rush (2013) - Hollywood movie review

Rush. Yes, that is a right name to the movie filled with pure adrenaline rush. It sure gave me some goosebumps because this is the first movie that I watched at a theatre in the United States!

Every race sequence from how the drivers prepare, from the busy pit-stops and how each F1 driver is mad to accelerate around every corner of the track.

So, about this movie, this movie is not about F1 races and neither is about all the technicalities in an F1 race but a very few is shown during some race sequences. This sports-drama movie is purely about the rivalry that was between two legendary F1 drivers - Niki Lauda and James Hunt during the 1976 F1 season- which goes back to the formula three days in 1970.

Daniel Bruhl as Lauda is so amazing in every frame that the calculative mindset of Lauda is depicted with perfection; Chris Hemsworth is at his charming best and his face shows the thrust that Hunt puts on the acceleration of the cars. The dramatic scenes at the hospital with multiple treatments being done in Lauda shows us the determination that the Austrian had. The movie engages us till the end for the final decision taken by Lauda, who makes a comeback in a very short span of time after a major accident!

Rush. Everyone's driven by something. Reminds me of a life question: "What drives you...."

I'd generously give it a rating of 8.5/10. How much would you?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What does the Fox say?

All around the world, every child is taught about several animals/mammals sounds. But little are they taught or shown what a Fox says.

No, I'm not curious nor did I get this thinking while burping last night. This is the recent "viral music video" (along with the song) by a Norwegian band Ylvis who (I think) created the video for fun but didn't expect it to gobble down all the views on YouTube. The What does the Fox say video currently stands at 129,686,871. I did see to this song on the US top 40 some days ago.

The next question to "What does the Fox say" might be "Will this video do a Gangnam"? - which has 1,794,696,755 views as of this writing.

Probably? Probably not. Have a look at it yourself:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Raja Rani - Kollywood(Tamil) Movie review

Yet another movie review by our friend Jagdeep! Seems he is on a movie watching spree :).

Here goes Jagdeep with his review...

The movie was an absolute treat to watch, hats off to the rookie director Atlee for pulling  off such an exotic delight for the viewers. I was excited on watching this movie after watching the TV promos. I went with an excitement to have a delightful experience and I was not disappointed even a second while watching the movie.

The movie was a perfect blend of RomanceComedy and Pain in Life. I just loved the romantic portion of the film and the sizzling performance with the likes Nayanthara, Nazriya, Arya and Jai was complementing the story pretty well. The director has rocked all the theaters of Chennai with his refreshing tale of Raja Rani. The movie emphasizes a true fact that “There is Life after a Love Failure”. The director has brought to light the minute details between a Husband and a Wife which is simply wonderful to watch in the screen. The movie is sculpted to its precision that I didn't feel any flaw in the movie. The movie is a family entertainer and with a social message to all the youngsters. I was totally entangled with the movie and there were some scenes which were lovely to watch, like the different eye liners for Nazriya during her romantic scenes with Arya. The costumes in the movie were perfect with respect to the actors and it complemented their looks perfectly. The screenplay was paced beautifully and the script gave life to all the characters in the movie. As everyone is aware the movie is a multi starrer with Sathyaraj, Arya, Jai, Nayanthara, Nazriya, Santhanam and Sathyan. The actors were tangled to their roles and gave life to a masterpiece of director Atlee.

In short - Raja Rani is a movie about “Love for Life”.

I will go with 4.5 Stars out of 5 for this movie!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Raanjhanaa - Bollywood movie review

Here's the review of the recent and very popular Bollywood Hindi move Raanjhanaa by our Guest Jagdeep :) Fire away, Jagdeep!

- Today I am going to share my review on the latest Hindi film “Raanjhanaa”.  I was addicted to the promos of the movie since the very looks of the trailer and songs where romantic.

I was stupefied by the movie and hats off to the director for sculpting such an art. The tradition and color of the city Banaras was a delight to watch on the screens. The cast of the movie: Dhanush as “Kundan”, Sonam Kapoor as “Zoya”,   Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as “Murari”, Swara Bhaskar as “Bindiya” and Abhay Deol as “Jasjeet Singh” .

The story unfolds with the fragrance of Banaras and the childhood naughtiness of Kundan to win the heart of his loved one Zoya. The childhood romance includes Kundan repeatedly slapped by Zoya which shows the dedication of the boys love and the funny gestures by the characters was different. Dhanush was characterized as “Kundan” in this movie and his acting skills where simply mind blowing. He fitted the shoes of the character perfectly and director couldn’t have wished for anything better. His comedy sequence and body language gave life to the character “Kundan”. The movie brings out the differences between classes and religions. The climax shows Kundan’s sincerity and depth of love for Zoya. The movie shows the dark side a girl and their intent of revenge. The last worse in the movie was heart touching and it brought tears on my eyes. The movie was a splendid composure of romance, hate, vengeance and politics. The screenplay was paced perfectly with the story and I didn’t feel bored at any time in the movie. I was completely entangled with the movie and it was such a delight to watch such a movie after a long time.

I would give the movie 4 stars out of 5.

Four years of!

Hello, What's up and Howdy! If you are reading this post, then it means you are reading this at a good time which just celebrated 4 years since August 2009.

Well, there was a lapse in getting my blog up and running from August 2013 since I didn't renew it on the expiry date and had to loose all the content - reason? - My host only stores content backups for 3 weeks from expiry date and no more than that!! Fortunately when I digged into my PC remembering I took a backup of's data last year, I found it! It had posts published till July 2012 and it took me sometime to bring them all up and running, again. There is some media content missing though, will have to put in some more time!

So,... yes, fantastic four years! Join me in wishing my blog a very happy birthday, phew its getting old. :-)

I missed out on quite a few of blog posts owing to other priorities....Well I shouldn't really be saying this! Here's to the plenty of more years to come. Enjoy your visit of A lot of posts to write this year!