Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Believe in magic

"....And if you were to ask me

After all that we've been through

Still believe in magic?

Well yes, I do

Oh yes, I do

Oh yes, I do

Oh yes, I do

Of course I do."

Goes the lines of Coldplay's chart topping song Magic. But if you read between the lines, its about magic and just magic. So what's magic? In a pure human's (aka layman's) terms, its something that breaks the belief of the human mind that what was shown is not possible.

I came across this brilliantly thought about image that says Music is Magic. That is so true for each and every song that I love.

This blog post is purely dedicated to the magic Coldplay has done with this song. It activates the sober senses and does the trick. "Call it magic, Call it true".