Thursday, September 17, 2015

Its a six! 6 years of blogging

Well, it has been a busy year for Yusuf you would think because of the number of blogposts in the past one year. Any guesses? Yes, 1. Just 1. I don't want to retrospect and write a retrospective blog post to post excuses. Having said its a six, time to step up for seven up and write more this year.

As always, I always share my very first post - Welcome to whenever I write a happy birthday blog.

So, in the meanwhile, I'd like to join your hands in wishing this blog a very happy birthday and for the more to come!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Believe in magic

"....And if you were to ask me

After all that we've been through

Still believe in magic?

Well yes, I do

Oh yes, I do

Oh yes, I do

Oh yes, I do

Of course I do."

Goes the lines of Coldplay's chart topping song Magic. But if you read between the lines, its about magic and just magic. So what's magic? In a pure human's (aka layman's) terms, its something that breaks the belief of the human mind that what was shown is not possible.

I came across this brilliantly thought about image that says Music is Magic. That is so true for each and every song that I love.

This blog post is purely dedicated to the magic Coldplay has done with this song. It activates the sober senses and does the trick. "Call it magic, Call it true".