Thursday, October 17, 2013

What does the Fox say?

All around the world, every child is taught about several animals/mammals sounds. But little are they taught or shown what a Fox says.

No, I'm not curious nor did I get this thinking while burping last night. This is the recent "viral music video" (along with the song) by a Norwegian band Ylvis who (I think) created the video for fun but didn't expect it to gobble down all the views on YouTube. The What does the Fox say video currently stands at 129,686,871. I did see to this song on the US top 40 some days ago.

The next question to "What does the Fox say" might be "Will this video do a Gangnam"? - which has 1,794,696,755 views as of this writing.

Probably? Probably not. Have a look at it yourself:

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