Monday, August 17, 2009

Is it raining posts?

Well i thought i would post a post everyday on blog, with reference to this - . But time flies by and i had to make fun of myself that i am doing nothing and why i don't get time to even post a single post at my blog. So the answer to the title's question would be, of course, a big NO. Here is a comic strip to make fun of it :) .

Comic strip - Raining Posts

By the way, here is the english translation of some words in the last picture.

Sun is kolthing - Sun is scorching.

Verthu Kotting - It is sweating.

The line is just a rip off a dialog from a tamil movie.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome to Yusuf!

Thank you for reading the first entry to my new blog. A big thanks to and for getting me and a wordpress blog pre-installed on it. This feature called the rapid blog is user friendly and perfect for all bloggers, beginner to expert. As you all know about wordpress, not only is it used by bloggers across the world, but it is incredibly simple to use.

So, off i go , Let's start blogging! (  Or Let me start blogging!  ;)  )