Monday, March 12, 2012

Mouthshut, Workout!

Sigh! Its been a long time since I whole heartedly wrote an article at Now that I'm closer to my goal of more playing, fun and most importantly - working out with satisfaction at the gym!. This post is not about how to work out or how to wake up early and hit the gym or the usual blahs blahs about workout.

This post is about working out by keeping one's mouth shut! Now, I must admit with a wide mouth that I have, I talk a lot while resting for 30 seconds & while shuttling weights but when we see people across the gym, almost 70% of the folks go chit chat & chit chat and rest for 5 minutes between weight changes.

Now, if that 5 minutes of chatter is brought down to 30 seconds - that's adding 270 precious seconds to  workout, which otherwise is an increase of 90% of "workout productivity" - if one keeps his or her mouth shut!

So Mouthshut, Workout!


  1. That's true, especially when jogging/running. Helps in burning more fat and take lesser breaks.

  2. But when it comes to jogging/running/walking I believe you will need something to put something into your ears. That's when a music player comes to help.
    Your profile picture here shows you are riding a bike, when do you jog then :).