Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 - A Game of Shadows - Movie Review

Exciting!! Robert Downey at his best as Sherlock Holmes along with Jude Law as Dr. Watson come together again to unravel the game of shadows and bring down a cunning professor who plans to make fortunes by instigating world war among countries which come together on a peace summit.

Now, that was the story in short of "Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows". To write more on the excitement of watching the movie in theatre, dozens of antique words will not be sufficient.

Robert Downey is at his witty best, those beautiful camouflage clothing and the funny yet important costumes that Holmes comes up with in certain scenes keep us entertained. I don't want to let more spoilers spoil the fun when you watch the movie but I can say that Holmes travels from Germany to France to Switzerland, in full action. Hans Zimmer has retained the theme for Sherlock Holmes while adding more strings and speed to it. Action sequences where Sherlock Holmes deploys his "curse" to see the opponents moves are shown in more detail. The chase in the forest is easily the long but the best action scene of the Sherlock Holmes sequence. As always, the best is saved for the last; the climax scenes are scintillating and the expected twist at "The End" is well delivered :).

I would rate the movie 9.25 on a scale of 10. How much would you?

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