Sunday, February 13, 2011

World Cup 2011-The Real Contenders-India

After 4 years the cricket teams have got a shot at the world-cup which has been Australia’s ownership for the past 12 years. Will Australia continue to do so after 4 years or have other teams finaly closed the gap between the invincible aussies 4 years ago by now .Read on to find out

India-Everytime 11 indian players step on to the ground they carry 1.1 billion people’s hopes along with them. And being one of the hosts for the world cup, the pressure is sky-high. But in the recent past the Indian players have started to absorb the pressure and have proved their true worth.

India have always proved their strength in home and reached semi-finals in the last two world cups held in the sub-continent. They were top contenders in both these world cups only to see them lose in a bad manner. But this time they will be the team to beat.

The reason is simple. They have the best openers in the current cricketing scenario with sehwag and gambir. A middle order line up consisting of Tendulkar, dhoni, yuvraj, raina .All the four of them have the capability to stabilize the middle order if sehwag and gambir fail so that Yusuf pathan who in recent past has been in his devastating best could savage the bowlers in the end.

When it comes to bowling they have got a good spinner in harbajan and ashwin. Zaheer, Nehra and Patel are showing god forms in the recent past. India’s weakness if there is any would come in the form of 5th bowler and the recent form of Yuvraj Singh. He has not in the best of touches creates a hole in the ship but there are players who can easily close the hole.

In current form, india can easily secure a semi-final spot if they to the true potential and go on to win the world cup and bid the best home-going present to sachin Tendulkar.

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