Sunday, February 6, 2011

Selfishness, betrayal and lost human virtues

I had been thinking to write about this for some time now and after an incident that happened a week ago I really needed some place to vent out my frustration. The incident I am refering to is none other than Fernando Torres moving to Chelsea. It might sound silly but that's how much I am passionate about Liverpool FC. Torres was a fan favorite at Anfield. The fans loved him so much that even when he was not in form, they continued to sing his name and always stood by him whenever he was criticized by others. This was the player who once said he would like to reach the level that The Kop legend Dalglish reached. This was the player who he wouldn't play for any other club in England. But what happened to him? All of a sudden he felt that he is not a place where he can win the Champions League. After joining Chelsea, he made comments like "I am at a top club now" - that was a cheap swipe at Liverpool. He went on to say that he will be able to realize his dream of winning the Champions League. Now what was he thinking? Chelsea have been desperate to win the Champions League since 2004/05 season and failed so in every season. That counts to 6 seasons and might become 7 this time around. Liverpool on the other hand aren't in the Champions League this time and don't seem to be there next season either, but in the last 6 seasons they were in two Champions League finals, winning one in 2005. And he said he doesn't have time until Liverpool to become competitive again. Fine, but why leave in January? Why not wait for this season to end, go to Chelsea and then try to win the Champions League? Does he really deserve a medal by just playing for some 3 and a half months? Why couldn't he have stayed on for those 3 and a half months, at least for the fans who loved him, and then quit in a graceful manner? What is the guarantee that he can win the Champions League within the next two seasons and Liverpool won't play in Champions League for a long time? The worst was on Jan 9th, 2011, he had to lie that his head is in Liverpool. No wonder Liverpool fans feel betrayed.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="Torres banner at Anfield. He will never see such things at Stamford Bridge and must get used to seeing plastic flags."][/caption]

Some clubs just splash money to lure players. The players are attracted by the money and the selfish attitude that makes them forget the fans. Some might argue that Torres left his home club Atletico for Liverpool, so Liverpool fans shouldn't feel bad. But there is a difference between his move from Atleti to Liverpool and the move from Liverpool to Chelsea. The former was a graceful exit, he left as a hero. The latter wasn't graceful, he left as a traitor or a backstabber or whatever. Though he did say that he won't taunt the Liverpool fans if he scores against them, Liverpool fans for sure won't forgive him. He shall receive an hostile reception when he visits Anfield next time. BTW I am not still lamenting about his departure. Like every other Liverpool fan I am happy that the club for 50 million pounds for him.

I am not saying that a player must end his career at the same club where he started playing. It is understandable that sometimes relationship may come to an end and he would end up move on finding a new challenge. But why not try to end it in a mutually respectable manner? Why make it painful at one end just for the sake of your own happyness? Is there no place for human virtues? One song that comes to my mind is "oorai therinchikitten" from the movie Padikathavan. I myself witnessed some people who were really mean towards me/my friends and walked out giving lame excuses, either criticizing or pretending to be a well-wisher. I hope that people will show some respect to people who like them, love them, potray them as a hero etc. You'll Never Walk Alone friends.

PS: Do not miss Chelsea v Liverpool tonight.

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