Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mankatha - Tamil movie review

Well, I had to and I wanted to write about this movie. With some many comments, both extremely positive and utterly negative by people in social networking sites, I wanted to share mine as well but on a bigger platform - which is this... my blog :)

Onto the movie, it was today that I caught up with the movie and here is what I noted of the two and a half hours movie that entertained me to a great extent today.

According to Wikipedia, Director Venkat Prabhu chose to direct one of his three scripts as his next movie after a not so great Goa. Ajith had a keen interest to portray something on the lines of the "Joker" character in Dark Knight. Yes, we all know how vicious Heath Ledger was on screen, playing Joker. So, Mankatha (its a traditional game of cards in India) had one such role with dark characterization and so, the movie happened with Ajith and the usual gang of boys with Venkat Prabhu(with two new members)... I only know that people say "உள்ளே" (Inside), "வெளியே"(Outside) while playing that game. If you are interested, you can learn how Mankatha the card game is played.

So here goes MY review of the movie.

[caption id="attachment_430" align="aligncenter" width="258" caption="Mankatha the film"]Mankatha the film[/caption]

Onto the story-line, the movie starts with "Thala" Ajith Kumar as a police officer(Vinayak), on a fabulous introduction scene, who is then suspended from work for 6 months; he then plans to pull out the biggest heist of a very huge amount of illegal betting money just before the final match of the IPL. He actually derives a plan along with four guys who had their own heist plan. Vinayak, along with the four guys, are they successful in the heist and  'Action King' Arjun as the sincere police anti-betting head(Pritviraj) to nab the illegal betting guys, is he successful in chasing these guys before they rob the money, forms the core story. There was never a scope for performance for three ladies in the movie, no scope for mentioning here as well. Lakshmi Rai did some justice to her bad girl character(Sona). The final twist in the movie was as expected but it was pictured very well. Special mention about Subbu who did a good job as the other police officer(Kamal Ekambaram) with Arjun.

Ajith, Ajith and more Ajith. It is Ajith all the way. You'l agree with me after you watch the movie. Yes, it sure is his 50th film and he has portrayed the Anti-hero character with much elan. The Bloopers at the credits were too good. Don't miss them!

Yuvan Shankar Raja needs a special mention for all his work on the Background music and the re-recording. Excellence in choice of instruments/music at the right time and at the right frame. I was never tired of the theme music.

There were plenty of let-downs -  in terms of a not so strong script, an utterly unwarranted comical geek!!, most action scenes hugely (or totally?) inspired from Hollywood, a few lagging scenes in the movie, songs just for the sake except 'Vilayaadu Mankatha' and 'Machi Open the Bottle'.

Mankatha, sometimes உள்ளே and sometimes வெளியே. The final few scenes of the movie did enthrall everyone at the theatre. In a nutshell, it wasn't that much of an edge of the seat game, but it was very well played towards the end and a deserved victory.

I would give the movie a rating of 7.05 out of 10. How much would you?!


  1. I am waiting to watch this movie!!! Don't know when it will release in HYD!!! I am big fan of Ajit however the movie trailer seemed promising and yes i agree with you on the song Velyadu Mankatha is really nice!!! Also like to mention that your review is really worth reading and never imagined that you would write reviews about movies when you were in school!! A pat on your back from me!!!

  2. Thank you Adnan :). Hope it releases soon at your place.