Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I watched the Rain

Its not an unusual sight to see slight winds at 11:30 PM local time, in a country which is always regarded as one of the most hottest places on planet Earth during the Summer.

Its not an unusual thing to feel sweaty and want more cool stuff inside your body and your legs drag you to the refridgerator looking for just plain cold water.

Its not an unusual thing to dream about rains when its actually 39 degree celsius outside the home and +1 inside the home. 

Eventually, I stepped out outside the home.  Then was the real unusual feeling of cold air passing by me, dust which usually, is on the cemented streets is all up in the air and there is this tiny thought of the dream about rains turning to reality....

I stood there, standing a few metres away from the street light spot, fearing that it might just fall down due to the heavy wind then, but then, this dream. I thought "Was I 'Incepted' that it is going to rain now ?". At 11:40 PM, at this time when it usually feels hot enough to just lie down on the floor and try to sleep?

Then... there it was, it was not a dream, as i felt a drop of water pinch my arm, and then more drops, and more.. Looked up the Sky, I was not dreaming. I watched the Rain.


  1. Sureshkumar RajagopalMay 24, 2011 at 12:16 PM

    Dreams come true, when you believe your own dreams.. :-)... Well Written Dude...

  2. Great blog. I will check it out