Saturday, January 29, 2011

Female linesman in football

There have been female referees in football for some time now but this is quite new in the Premier League. Last weekend was one of those rare days on which I felt very lazy to wake up at 4 30 am to watch Liverpool play away against Wolves. Later I noticed friends on Facebook mentioning about female assistant referee officiated that game and Sian Massey did a fantastic job. If I were to believe people who watched the full match and whatever I saw in the highlights she was spot on. Her first match as a Premier League line official was back in December in Sunderland v Blackpool game. Don't know how that went unnoticed (just me or may other football fans??). Sian Massey was in the news this week because of the controversial "sexist" remarks made by prominent Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys. The duo were caught on cam before the kick off for making comments such as "what do women know about offisde". The matter was taken seriously and Sky Sports terminated their contracts.

Coming back to Wolves v Liverpool, Sian Massey could have easily fallen for offside appeal. Instead she spotted the movement well enough to allow the play to continue and that resulted in the first goal. Her decision could have decided the outcome of the match and good that it went the right way. Not to forget how it have been for Mr. Gray and Mr. Keys, may be like a slap on their face :D. Hardly 4 days after that match, in Liverpool v Fulham game, a linesman got it all wrong when Torres was judged offside while he actually wasn't. Looks like football needs more female referees. Surely they can do better job than Howard Webb and other ducks around. And as one of my friends had commented on Facebook, players wouldn't argue too much ( F words etc :P) with a female referee and maintain dignity :D. Way to go Sian Massey!! Hope she continues her good record and sets an example for both male and female counterparts.

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